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Choose A Right Dress For Your Body Shape.

Finding the right party dress can be a challenge even for the most perfectly shaped woman. Usually what looks fabulous on the hanger looks dreadful in the dressing room. However, if a woman knows her body type, then the challenge of finding that perfect dress can be a bit easier.When looking for the right dress, keep the following tips in mind for each body type.

Apple Shape.

This body type can be quite difficult to dress for as clothing designers rarely make g fvghf gclothing with the apple shaped woman in mind. However, this body type is quite common.

When dressing the apple shaped body, consider bold, interesting earrings and necklaces that draw the eyes away from the stomach area and toward the neck and head instead. Women with an apple shaped figure should avoid belted dresses and narrow skirts that taper in.

Pear Shape.

If a woman has a pear shaped body, then her hips are wider than her bust. In choosing a dress, she must choose one in such a manner to create the illusion of a fuller bust and upper body. As with an apple shaped woman, well-constructed and subtle shoulder pads can create this affect.

Women with pear-shaped bodies should never wear clothing that adds bulk around the hip area. This means one should never wear a full skirts or clothing with low waists that rest on the hips rather than the waist


A woman with an hourglass figure has plenty of options with the main goal of her dress to flatter the existing proportions of her figure without adding too much fabric and bulk to the ensemble.


If a woman has a straight body type, she may look great going down the runway, but in practical dressing, she should consider clothing that emphasizes her curves. Curves can be emphasized by flared dresses that are blousy on the top and the bottom and nipped in the right at the waist.


cfrgfvrthbtIf one is lucky enough to have an athletic body type due to excellent health, she should flaunt it. That being said, she may want to add a feminine touch to her dress opting for a flowing dress with a feminine pattern. However, remember that feminine does not always equal flowers and creativity is encouraged.


Unlike tall women, petite women should be careful when wearing a long floor length gown. They have to ensure that there isn’t too much excess material, as this may drown their frame. When choosing a dress and accessories for the petite body type, you should also keep in mind the importance of scale. Large patterns and accessories can overwhelm the petite frame and draw attention to small size.