December 2017


Raising a child is a hard task where parents need to take care of so many aspects of his personality and development while still providing him with love and happiness. It’s not an easy task, but it is the most precious thing in the whole world. One of such things is learning potty training in three days, or getting your child away from diapers. There are many benefits of potty training, and Lekovic names eight of them in his book “Diaper-Free Before 3”:

Potty training benefits

  • The sooner you begin, the sooner you finish with potty training.
  • Kids learn their natural signals faster.
  • Some children never show an independent interest in learning, so adequate measures prevent this sort of thing from happening.sadasdasda
  • Children gain confidence and independence which enables them to develop other areas and grow into respectful adults.
  • Decreased risk of infectious diarrhea and Hepatitis A.
  • Decreased risk of UTI, voiding disorders, wetting problems, and constipation.
  • It’s cheaper and environmentally friendly.
  • No need for rewards, bribery, or cajoling.

The Development of Independence with Potty Training

Learning to use the toilet can enhance their independence and capability. By toilet training, children will gain more self-esteem and confidence which will enable them to use that confidence in other areas of learning and life. This can be quite crucial because self-esteem is one of the most important traits in a person’s life. High self-esteem leads to success and a happier life, while low self-esteem can lead to various problems.

Stopping the Laziness

Children can be very lazy, especially now with all the computers and technology. It is known that the famous “two” is a tricky age, and so it is important to react before this age. When toddlers reach this age, it is very unlikely that they will want to change their habits so easily, and it will be difficult to teach them. If a toddler can sit in front of the TV and defecate in the diaper, it will do so, so parents shouldn’t allow this sort of behavior since it can lead to lazy habits and even arrogance.

The Money Factor

Diapers are very expensive, and with diapers, there are also the cleaning wipes and diaper creams. By learning the toddlers to go to the potty parents will save a lot of money, which can surely be used either for home or the child.

Better Social Skiadasdsadadalls and Self-Control

As said before, one of the benefits of potty training is increased confidence, and this leads to better social skills. Self-control is also an important factor because the toddler gains knowledge about his body and his urges, which allows for a deeper understanding of him/her and the world around.…