Own a gazebo? No garden, backyard or spa would be complete without a pavilion structure like the waterproof pop up gazebo. A question that comes up for both new and not-so-new gazebo owners is how to care of their pavilion structures.

The following tips take the guesswork out of taking care of a Belvedere.

Clean Regularly

hgdhdd764Gazebos need to be cleaned at the beginning of each season and maintained throughout the year. Mix a solution of warm water and soap or a mild detergent in a bucket. Do not use bleach or ammonia. Dip a soft brush, rag, or sponge into the solution and use it to wash all the surfaces. Rinse off the soapy mixture with a garden hose, do not use a high-pressure spray

Sweep the outdoor enclosure

Sweep the outdoor enclosure thoroughly when a buildup of leaves, twigs, branches, and other debris accumulates. But never climb the roof to do this as it can be very risky.

Trim bushes or trees

Trim shrubs or trees so they do not touch any part of the pavilion structure. Ensure piles of firewood or mulch are not leaning against the outdoor structure. Left unchecked, Mulch and firewood can be sources of moisture that cause significant water damage to your outdoor enclosure.


When you install a pavilion structure, you have several options for how to finish it. You can leave the wood bare, letting it age and turn gray with time. Or you can paint it, changing the color of the wood but leaving the grain visible. Of the two options, painting keeps the outdoor structure looking its best. Painting is also one of the most effective ways to prevent damage from the weather.

The importance of maintenance

hjdhjd74Repairs and maintenance are needed to prevent gazebos from becoming unstable. Examine your pavilion structure at least once a month. Tighten up all joints and nail heads that may have become loose up over time. Small maintenance projects, such as replacing rusting nails or wood repair, must be handled immediately upon discovery.
Sunshine and rain take their toll on any garden structure. Protect the gazebo’s building material. You can also apply water-resistant sealant to the structure once in a while to make it look brand new.

An outdoor enclosure is one of the best home improvement investments you can make. Don’t neglect your beautiful, new outdoor enclosure. Your pavilion enclosure can last a lifetime – unless it has not properly cared for.…